This week’s guest aspires to help you get your money right. He wants to assist others in taking back their purchasing power. He is Jarmar Dupas, and he is a Digital Entrepreneur.

In this 35-minute episode, Jarmar walks you through his journey as a digital entrepreneur:

  • The moment that got his ears “buzzing,” which got him interested in entrepreneurship
  • The simplicity of his proudest moment … and what you can learn from it
  • How being a digital entrepreneur has been conducive to creating his desired lifestyle
  • Why Jarmar sometimes gets in his own way and how he’s trying to overcome it
  • The element of entrepreneurship that gives him the most satisfaction and how it inspires him to keep moving forward

And more.

Plus, Jarmar answers my rapid-fire questions at the end in which he retells a famous Stephen Covey story that has impacted his ability to get more meaningful work done.

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