Having a powerful launch is important, but it isn’t everything. “The biggest danger to an author,” says Jeff Goins, “is spending all their energy on a launch.”

Publishing your book is the first step in a long game. A published book isn’t urgent, so authors need to get out there, start banging the drum, and keep on banging it for a long time post-launch.

The trait that separates authors who succeed at getting their books in front of their intended audiences, and those who do not, comes down to perseverance.

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • Jeff’s last-minute, pre-launch mindset tips
  • Compelling arguments for why the long game matters more than the launch
  • Why you should never underestimate the power of people’s awareness of your book
  • The reason it’s imperative to keep talking about your book long after the launch is done

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